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The Benefits of Using a Corset to Better Your Posture ...

The corset will help them keep their entire back in position and force their shoulders upright. As the alignment of our bones and joints is fixed, we relearn the proper use of our muscles too, meaning we are less likely to slouch as we become accustomed to our new posture. The support given to our lower back with a corset decreases pressure on ...

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If you want to correct your posture, compressing a larger portion of your spine will deliver better results. Whether you’re seated or standing, hunching won’t be an option when you wear the right corset. A Rigid Regimen. Bad habits are hard to break, so chances are good you’ll go back to slouching as soon as your corset is off.

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Corsets as a Way to Improve Posture Understanding Good and Bad Posture. In the modern world, many of our daily lives actually encourage bad posture rather than promoting sitting or standing up straight. We spend our days peering down at smartphone screens or typing on increasingly smaller computers with our shoulders hunched and our chests ...

Corsets that correct shoulder posture/ waistcoat corsets ...

Miss Katie, a UK designer, has created this waistcoat underbust corset for £210 (or about $297). This standard-sized taffeta corset is laced nearly up to the neck, and the shoulder straps look to be made of ribbon and can be tied looser or tighter based on your preference. Ties That Bynde custom daily wear corset with shoulder trainers.

How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

My final bit of advice is to check with your corsetmaker about the sort of posture encouraged by their corsets. If you have a swayback or a shelf butt, a corset designed for flat-backed upright posture (pilates posture, as I think of it) may buckle at the back waist. If, on the other hand, you are flat-backed and your corset is not, you may find yourself tipping your pelvis backwards to accommodate, or feeling a slight pinch at the small of your back.

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What’s more, corsets can be beneficial for your health by improving your posture, supporting your back and strengthening your core muscles. Some women even wear them in the workplace to maintain good posture while sitting.