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what are things i can use as dildos

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So if you’re shy about buying a vibrator or can’t afford/can’t wait to purchase a dildo at the moment, there are plenty of DIY sex toys available at your disposal. All you need to do is look ...

What everyday item can I use as a dildo?

Well I don't exactly use things to shove in myself =] Doesn't particlarly work for me. But, an electric toothbrush on the clit feels great! But, an electric toothbrush on the clit feels great! Just make sure you dont use it too much because it can cause soft tissue damage.

How to Use A Dildo: 30 Tips for Masturbation, Partner Sex ...

Dildos can be worn, received, ... Otherwise, each use can introduce bacteria that can lead to things like a sore throat, urinary tract infection (UTI), or yeast infection. Pass.

What can I use as a substitute for a dildo? - GirlsAskGuys

For a filler vegtables fruits etc. As natural subtitutes and easy to get rid off well. well there is also hot adhesive wax rods (wax gun rods) could be melted or u can cast your own platinum grade silicone sex toy of your preferred choice and design all u would need is a bit of artistic nature in carving i can tell u all the steps if u need.

what household objects can use to pleasure myself? | Sexual ...

i like to shove things up my butt while i jack off but im 14 and cant buy a dildo what can i use? What household items can I stick up my butt while mastrabating? I put my fingers in my ass when I wank Anal Toys For A Guy How can I feel pleasure when I do anal masturbation Big household anal insertion objects. How to make pleasuring toy by myself?