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How Porous is Your Sex Toy? Why Does it Matter? | Dangerous ...

In my opinion, if the toy has the ability to turn on you, so to speak, by housing and spreading microorganisms, it doesn’t feel technically “body safe” to me but this is a fine line and you’ll find sex educators on both sides of it. Keep this in mind: just because it is porous doesn’t mean it is toxic. All toxic toys are porous, but ...

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Porous Sex Toys Porous sex toy materials, like TPR, elastomer, latex, and plastics can harbor STI-carrying viruses and bacteria longer than their non-porous counterparts. ‘Porous’ refers to literal pores or tiny openings that occur naturally on the surface of your jelly, soft rubber, or elastomer toy.

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First, you'll need to know whether your sex toy is porous or nonporous. As we mentioned, porous materials have tiny holes that bacteria can get trapped and grow in. Nonporous materials don't have these holes, but bacteria can still linger on the surface for quite some time after you've finished playing with your sex toys.

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Here you’ll find 6 tips on caring for your sex toy that’ll have you on your way to enjoying yourself safely! 1. Know your materials. Sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Knowing what your sex toy is made out of is a key factor in its proper care. First, sex toys are divided into two categories: porous and non-porous.

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Non-Porous Sex Toy Materials – Alternatives To Silicone

Non-Porous Sex Toy Materials – Alternatives To Silicone Some of the most popular sex toys are made of silicone, because it’s flexible, non-porous, and allows for the creation of toys in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. But did you know there are tons of other materials that are also used to make beautiful, body-safe sex toys? Here’s an introduction to some of the non-silicone ...

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Sex toys are commonly made of three main categories of materials: porous, non-porous, and slightly porous. The bad news is that you can only get one of them can get completelyyyyy clean. (Yikes.) ICYDK, porous is another way of saying "bacteria can get in and stay in." For that reason, your best choice is a toy made of a non-porous material.

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If possible, it is advisable to steer clear of porous sex toys as the tiny holes can be a breeding ground for various bacteria, germs and fungus. While they are often cheaper than other toys, they are difficult to clean and will deteriorate when in contact with substances such as silicone-based lubricants, oils, and petroleum-based products.

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Remember that all of your sex toys should be non-porous, this makes them easy to clean and above all safe to use. Porous sex toys harbour bacteria that are very difficult to kill even with sex toy cleaners and these toys can easily give you bad yeast infections or worse.