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Where would I sell used sex toys? : morbidquestions

Sex store worker here, I would just like to throw in some info about materials. Glass, silicone and ABS toys can be sanitized. However anything "jelly" feeling or made from PVC is not safe. Those materials aren't even really safe brand new. They are so porous they hang on to bacteria like crazy.

Returns of USED sex toys - The eBay Community

Nope. I'm 100% right. There is no ebay policy or law that prohibits the return of used sex toys. The OP should switch to a no-returns policy. Wrong ! I did not Post False infomation ! Go read Federal and State 's Consumer and merchant protections and return statues ! On items Health and safety that can't be returned once they have been opened !!!

Used Sex Toys and Other Weird Shit For Sale on Buy Swap and ...

People selling used sex toys are definitely a fixture in every town’s Buy Swap and Sell pages… but I don’t know if anyone will ever top this one from the Kwinana/Rockingham group that was shared with us by a SAHM reader.

Solved: Selling Sex Product on Ebay - The eBay Community

You've got to carve out an exception for USED sex toys, by gosh! You need to state the obvious in every listing, and if eBay dings your seller rating for it, you need to call customer service and get them to understand your particular policy. Unopened package (no problem), opened and sticky (are you kidding?). Good luck!

The stigma of buying used sex toys has weakened. But still.

If you haven't seen used sex toys for sale, well then bless your pure heart. The rest of us sinners have been subject to all kinds of questionable advertising, including r/usedsextoys , an online...

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As the toys were being handled and passed around they cannot be used to resell. But, the prices of them are quite expensive to buy in the normal places where you would buy these kind of things. (I feel like i'm digging a hole deeper and deeper)

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It's a work-from-home job that some people would love. Every week, a box full of the latest sex toy technology lands on your doorstep. You try the toys, rate them, and are compensated over $39,000 ...

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You May Get a Counterfeit. Amazon has a known problem with counterfeiting in certain categories, including sex toys. Of all the things in the world that can be counterfeited, sex toys may seem ...

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