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When I was a kid we used to get the Sears catalog delivered to our house. This was a huge book of stuff you could buy from Sears including clothes, tools, appliances and Toys. Oh God, the toys. I used to spend hours drooling over Micro Machines, G.I. Joe figures and Ninja Turtles.

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On my first day volunteering as a chaperone on a field trip we passed a toy store with a display of the Jigsaw Killer puppet from Saw. Suddenly a bunch of my first graders went into an in depth discussion about the Saw and Hostel series.

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The reactions scream sex toy. (when I looked at the youtube comments I realized I was not original with that) I was going to go with this , but you can actually see the guy at the 3-second mark holding something looking remarkably smartphone-like due to shoddy camera work/editing.

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The Talk, By Erika Moen. Erika Moen is inextricable from San Diego Comic Con in my mind. I had originally written just Comic Con, because the vast preponderance of you would know which one I meant - it is only lesser Comic Cons which must bear the sigil of their low houses. But, just in case. I can remember quite well: I came into contact with ...

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Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video game culture, written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik. The comic debuted in 1998 on the website loonygames.com. Since then, Holkins and Krahulik have established their own site, which is typically updated with a new comic strip each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Penny Arcade is a web comic written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik. Making its debut on November 18, 1998, Penny Arcade is one of the most popular and oldest web comics in existence. New installments of the comic strips are posted several times a week and the site attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every day.

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Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is an episodic video game based on the strip. The first two episodes were developed by Hothead Games, and were built on a version of the Torque Game Engine. The first episode was released worldwide on May 21, 2008, and the second on October 29, 2008.