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The Bizarre History of the Vibrator: From Cleopatra's Angry ...

Cleopatra's angry bees (54BC) — Little Gold (2004) The tale says that it was the sexy Cleopatra who had the original idea that resulted in the first vibrator: a hollow gourd full of angry bees.

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In any case, even though we do know that dildos existed in ancient times and that some women did use them for sexual pleasure, we have no specific evidence that Cleopatra used them. Moreover, I am unable to trace the story about Julius Caesar supposedly presenting her with an “ornately carved, gold-inlaid phallic sculpture” to any known ancient source.

Is Cleopatra really credited with the first vibrator ...

Cleopatra is said to have had a small box that could be filled with bees and placed against her genitals for a stimulation similar to that of vibrators. There are no ancient sources that touch on any claim remotely similar to this. If there are any archaeological finds that could be misconstrued in this way I have not found any evidence of them.

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Legend has it that Cleopatra created the first vibrator from a gourd filled with buzzing bees. Centuries later, in China, dildos were made from stone, wood, and bronze.

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There is a wonderful urban legend that says Egyptian queen Cleopatra ordered her servants to fill a carved out gourd with bees to stimulate her genitals, with the rhythmic buzzing inside the base...

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1. Cleopatra used angry bees in hollow gourd as first vibrator. Cleopatra, per several rumors, was the first to discover the vibrator. When you’re young and horny, but Marc Antony is too busy fighting wars to be home knocking the bottom out that thang, a solution must be found to satiate your carnal lust.

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Bread dildos were used by men and women as a sexual aid, according to Vicki Leon, author of The Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love & Longing in the Ancient World — a biodegradable sexual aid, which made ...