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It's the cheap rubber. It can melt. Are your other toys safe to use? As safe as they were before this happened. Your suction dildo looks like it's made of some porous rubber as well. Ask the folks over at r/sextoys what they think about this

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If you do not have the original packaging anymore, wrap the dildo in a soft, lint free cloth and store it in a drawer or box. Make sure the entire device is wrapped up. If a silicone surface touches another silicone surface, they can melt together! Melting does not happen with rubber or PVC surfaces.

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Not as dramatic as a full out melt, but ends just as badly. Wash your toys after you play, then put the away individually, or at least not touching other toys (better safe than sorry). Personally I use pieces of old cut up t-shirts to wrap my toys when not in use. It is soft, lint free and keeps my toys from touching each other and getting ...

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The dildos in the photo below have been in the drawer for many months, with no disfigurement, no “melting”, no leaching of oils, no damage whatsoever. So when you hear that you cannot store your silicone sex toys like this, touching?

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I used to be afraid of my toys touching, but then I realized that when you buy sets of 2 or 3 silicone C-rings they're always nestled against each other in the packaging and they don't react to each other. I have had a silicone toy and a jelly toy react, the jelly toy lost but the silicone (by Tantus) was totally unscathed.

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It's also a good idea to keep composite toys away from other composite toys since the instability of their materials may result in them bonding to each other (i.e., keep jelly toys away from other jelly toys or TPE/TPR toys, etc., and keep TPE/TPR toys away from other TPE/TPR toys or jelly toys, etc.).

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How to store silicone sex toys. We need suggestions on how to safely and cleanly store silicone sex toys. With standard plastic sex toys we have always stored them in a bedside drawer just tossed in (after being washed of course) or sometimes a duffel bag. But after finding out about the germs and cancer risk caused by normal plastic toys ...

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Oseth elaborates, “ If two silicone products are going to have a negative reaction to each other it should happen quickly. The surface will become gummy-like/sticky. If you do a spot test, you should be able to scrape this off with your finger.”