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Is It Safe to Use Coconut Oil as Lube? | Health.com

Coconut oil as a lubricant isn't necessarily a good idea if you're prone to vaginal infections, such as yeast infections.

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Coconut Oil As Lube: Is It Safe? What Is The Alternative?

High-quality oil made from coconut is also great if you plan to play with silicone based sex toys like vibrators and dildos. Why Shouldn't You Use Coconut Oil for Lube? Here are some reasons to avoid using coconut oil for lube:

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Is Coconut Oil Safe to Use as a Personal Lubricant? There have been no real tests carried out to determine whether coconut oil is safe to use as a personal lubricant but, for most activities, it is fine.

Coconut Oil for Sex: As Lube, Safety, More

For those with allergies or sensitive skin, choosing a more natural option like coconut oil, with no added chemicals or toxins, can also make for an appealing lubricant.

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But after careful thought, we no longer recommend coconut oil as lube. There are arguments on both sides, but here are the four important points for us. 1. Coconut oil has all the downsides of other oil-based lubricants. Since coconut oil is (obviously) an oil, it has the same problems as any other oil-based lubricant.

Coconut Oil as Lube: Doctors Explain Safety and How to Use It

Is it safe to use coconut oil as lube? In a nutshell: Coconut oil is generally a safe option to use as lube. “Studies have shown that coconut oil is clinically proven for

What kind of lubes can I use? Can lube harm my toys ...

Primarily vegetable shortening, coconut oil, or water soluble grease lubes. Great for use in combination with water-based lubes when working with wider toys requiring a stretch. The grease clings to surfaces whereas the water-based stuff just squeegees off.

Is Coconut Oil a Good Natural Lube? What to Know Before Using It.

Coconut oil is generally safe and effective to use as a lubricant, says Michael Ingber, MD, a urologist and urogynecologist at Garden State Urology. However, there are a few things you should know...

Coconut Oil as Anal Lube: An Honest Guide

Like any oil-based lubricant, oil is not compatible with most toys and so is coconut oil. I tried with my favorite toy and it left oily coating which is hard for the anus to break down. Any lube you buy, should be compatible with sex toys.

The 16 Best Lubes for Anal Sex, Pegging, and Butt Play

CBD lube, like Qulo, can help relax your body/muscles, which is particularly helpful when having anal sex. Silicone Lubricant. Gun Oil. Gun Oil amazon.com. $44.95. BUY IT HERE. Gun Oil has been a ...