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58. level 1. dietsodasage. · 23h. If you have any large stuffed animals, cutting a hole in them and hiding a toy there could work. This is particularly effective with build-a-bears or other stuffed animals that wear clothes (hides where the cut is) 28. level 2. titsngiggles69.

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Many women own sex toys and there is nothing wrong with keeping sex toys that really work for you. Definitely use the toys when you are in the mood for some fun. I highly doubt your next boyfriend will ask if your sex toys were purchased with your ex and if he asks, just say they are yours.

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Do you have to hide your sex toys or do you keep them in an easy to reach location? nsfw. 48 comments. share. save. hide. ... help Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit ...

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I keep coming across people who have the mindset that sex toys are disgusting and pathetic and a signal that you can't get a partner. This makes no sense to me. Whether or not you are in a relationship your sexual health and pleasure should be things that are in your control. Your partner won't be dtf everytime you are and vice versa.

What do you do with sex toys you no longer use or want?

What do you do with sex toys you no longer use or want? I have a few that I no longer wish to keep, but I feel bad throwing them away, just seems wasteful. But it’s not like I can just donate them to a thrift store either lol.

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If you share a sex toy with a partner, like a vibrator or a dildo, what happens with that toy at the end of a relationship? Dan Savage finds that for lesbians the norm is to throw them away. But good toys are expensive, over $100.

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Please, don't buy your sex toys from Amazon or Ebay!Your risk for counterfeit toys is high (not the brand they claim to be or worse not the material they claim to be), there's a risk for used sex toys, and the savings you think you'll be getting could be a big waste when the toy quits working after a month and you have no recourse.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys and Accessories: 9 Do’s, Don’ts

Putting in a little effort to properly clean and store your sex toys helps keep you and your partner(s) safe and your sex toys in tiptop shape. Sticking with toys made from quality materials can ...

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If you do decide to bleach a sex toy, though, you want a weak solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water, Finn says. Let the toy soak for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly, then wash it ...